Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not so sure about this.......

I decided to start this blog even though I think that blogs are kind of selfish. Yeah, I said selfish. Why?? All you talk about it you! And on top of that most people post just how "perfect" and busy their lives are. That drives me NUTS!! The perfect part. Nothing is ever perfect, and claiming that you have perfection is just tempting fate to make it NOT perfect. Keep it to yourself! But, then again, maybe that is why they blog. Lol!

So anyway, not sure who will even read this but here we go.

Kenady is going to be three this Saturday!! I am so excited!! I hope hope hope that three is better than the latter half of 2 because it SUCKED. I cannot wait for Kenady and Bailey's Cinderella birthday party at Jambo Park. I love that Heather and I are close enough and actually like each other enough to have the girls birthday parties together. Better yet, we are so close that we pretty much have the same friends!! It all works out! Hopefully the girls will agree for a long long time.


  1. Let me know if you want blog advice. My sister taught me last year and I'm seriously blog crazy. I have four now...

  2. I could use a little blog advice! I have no idea how to do anything really, lol.