Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today was a day that I felt was most defiantly a SHARE day.

The day started out the way most days do in this house...... bad. I have 3 girls and they are a handful in the morning. All of us (except Kami) are NOT morning people and so you can imagine the craziness that can unfold. Today, each of the girls took a turn crying about something so ridiculous that it sent me into Tasmanian Devil rage. What in the world is wrong with these kids?? How come Kenady has to fight me every single gosh damn day about what she is going to wear?? UG! I dread mornings!

Late to school, not technically late, but later than I should be that is for sure. So now the real craziness begins! Rumors spreading like wild fire!! WTH?!? I love how this is 100% my business and I am literally THE LAST PERSON CALLED INTO THE BOSS'S OFFICE.

So before all the boss's office business, writing classes went great. Kids walked through the halls appropriately and I got 2 of my hardest kids to WRITE!! Go ME!

Ok, so now I am preparing for an IEP meeting at 3pm and I get a call from the boss "Nicole, can I borrow a minute of your time?" CRAP! Ok, I knew it was all going down now..... maybe I could convince her to change her mind! So up I go. I get into her office and "Have a seat." CRAP! Not good. Have you ever been told there is a change being made and you not only are going to "support it" but "like it" not "cry about it" and it's your job to get everyone else on board because "this will be good"?!? Yeah.... well that was the meeting in a nut shell.

Well hell.

3pm.... IEP meeting went well. I love meeting my kid's parents! Well let me correct that statement..... I love meeting my kid's parents when they are NOT mad at me about something and on a kill mission!

Pizza for dinner, a little fight with Kenady about.......... clothes (shocking I know) and then off to cottage and another couple of hours at work.

Kamryn was so excited to show me all of her cottage assignments and she did a fabulous job. Looked through her journal and she practiced counting to 100 with the hot pink pointer. Then...... I GOT THE BEST MOST EXCITING NEWS EVVVVERRRR! Mr. Mendoza told me that Kamryn TUTORED another student in math!!!!!!!!! OMG! He said that she has subtraction DOWN! I was filled to the brim with excitement, pride, relief, and shock! Kamryn has never in her life excelled in a single thing and now she is tutoring another student in MATH!! What an amazing ego boost for her (and for me!)!!

After cottage I headed down to my office teary eyed from the amazing news, sat down at my computer, and put in another 1 1/2 hours while my kids ran amuck down the halls at school.

Home at last, I am sitting here while the girls watch TV, thinking about my life. I do not have a perfect life. I have terrible days, my kids drive me nuts, my job is stressful, my laundry is never done, and I am always thinking of ways I can get back at people that piss me off (without them knowing what even hit them). I am who I am and I am okay with that. I do not need a perfect life, and even when the MOST un-perfect situations hit me from out of no where, I know that sh*t happens and we will all get through it.

Perfect is so overrated.